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We supply and professionally install a wide range of garden features, decor and built-in furniture to suit all needs and budgets in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

The style, size, surroundings and purpose of your garden, as well as your vision for how it should be designed, will lead to varying features being needed to make it complete.

We can discuss your requirements, vision and budget and work together to create features that will serve you and your garden perfectly.


Here are some examples of the vast range of garden features, structures, decor and furniture we supply and install.

Icon representing fencing and gates
Fencing & Gates

Stylish & secure solutions to mark out borders

Icon representing walls, terracing and gabions
Walls, Terracing & Gabions

Contemporary & traditional structures in gardens

Icon representing raised beds
Raised Beds

Elevated growing areas in a range of styles and sizes

Icon representing living walls
Living Walls

Beautiful and eco-friendly wall foliage features

Icon representing shade sails
Shade Sails

Stylish and cost-effective cover from sun and rain

Icon representing trellis and screening
Trellis & Screening

Versatile solutions for partitions and screening

Icon representing sunken trampolines
Sunken Trampolines

The ultimate kids' garden activity installed safely

Icon representing children's play equipment
Children's Play Equipment

A wide range of fun kids' structures for gardens

Icon representing water features and bridges
Water Features & Bridges

The beautiful tranquility of water in a garden

Icon representing built in barbecues
Built-In Barbecues

Creating a perfect outdoor barbecue kitchen

Icon representing garden lighting and sound
Garden Lighting & Sound

Perfect finishing touches to a dream garden

Icon representing seating and arbours
Seating & Arbours

Built-in seating of all shapes, sizes & styles

Fencing & Gates

The main purpose of fencing may be practical, but it's also one of the most imposing and prominent features of any garden - acting as a visual statement of what resides within.

We supply and install fencing of all shapes and sizes.

Walls, Terracing & Gabions

Walls can be the perfect solution for a wide range of needs in a garden. From perimiter boundary walls to low-level retaining walls to create raised beds. 

We supply and construct walls, terracing and gabions of all shapes and sizes.

Raised Beds

Raised beds can be constructed from a number of standard and diverse materials.

We supply and construct raised beds of all shapes and sizes.

Shade Sails

Shade Sails are extremely simple yet durable structures that offer high levels of UV protection, and of course in our northern clmate, shelter from the rain.

We supply and construct shade sails of all shapes and sizes.

Trellis & Screening

Trellis can be installed in a garden to create a framework for climbing plants, to create partially transparent partitions between different zones of a garden or as a decorative feature positioned on top of garden fences or walls.

We supply and construct trellis and screening of all shapes and sizes.

Sunken Trampolines

A relatively recent trend in domestic gardens is the popularity of embedding trampolines into the ground. The benefits of doing this over simply buying a free-standing trampoline are pretty obvious.

We supply and construct trellis and screening of all shapes and sizes.

Children's Play Equipment

Safety and fun are the two most important objectives of any play area in a garden.

We supply and construct childrens play areas of all types, shapes and sizes.

Water Features & Bridges

Water features in gardens add a tranquil and soothing sound.

We supply and construct water features and bridges of all types, shapes and sizes.

Garden Seating & Arbours

Well designed, integrated seating in a garden can be both functional and stylish focal points.

We supply and construct water features and bridges of all types, shapes and sizes.

Built-In Barbecues

Outdoor barbecues and kitchens create the perfect focal point for entertaining friends and family in late Spring, through Summer and into early Autumn.

We supply and construct barbecues of all types, shapes and sizes.

Garden Lighting & Sound

The overall experience of spending time in a beautifully designed garden or urban yard is enhanced greatly by the addition of strategically placed, effective lighting 

We supply and install or garden lighting and sound systems of all types, shapes and sizes.

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