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We supply and install fencing and gates in gardens, farms and other outdoor spaces in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

We provide free quotes with no obligation for the installation of all types of fences and gates.


Fencing can be traditional in design, or contemporary, and can provide a secure and beautiful feel to a garden or any other outdoor space. We can discuss your requirements, vision and budget and work together to design and install a fencing solution that will serve you and your garden perfectly.

Fencing can be used to define boundaries, conceal something unappealing, secure an area, zone areas or make existing borders look more attractive. There are many variations of fencing and making the right choice can feel quite overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular styles of garden fencing.

Horizontal Fencing

Slatted fence panels are often used as boundary fences, standalone garden features, screens to segregate areas of a garden or terrace and solutions to finish off decking and landscaping projects. Venetian style fencing is typically very popular in two variations. With horizontal slatted panels, spaced out with slight gaps between to provide beautiful lighting effects and a circulation of air. 

Horizontal, closeboard fencing is known and chosen for its sturdy and versatile stature complimenting its simple yet classic appearance. It is generally a cost effective style of fence with great durability and resilience.

Hit and Miss fencing is a contemporary style where the boards are alternately overlapped on the front and back of the panel. This type of fence is ideal if you need the back as well as the front of the fence to look good. Double sided fencing is an alternative to the vertical double-sided style which creates a greater sense of breadth and range to the enclosed space.

Woven fencing is a modern take on a traditional woven style of fencing, high in detail but low on fuss. The contoured surface can create a wonderful effect from direct sunlight or artifical lighting at night. An ideal double-sided fence for gardens with neighbours. Tongue and groove fencing is contemporary, simple and effective, this style of tongue and groove fencing best compliments modern homes of all sizes.

Vertical Fencing

Vertical slatted fencing is similar to the horizontal slatted fencing, spaced out with gaps between to provide a different form of natural lighting effect and a movement of air.

Vertical fencing is available in a range of styles, sizes and colours, meaning they can be used to add extra height and privacy to existing fences and walls, or in their full height and glory as standalone fencing and screening.

Vertical closeboard fencing is timeless and consistently popular. Traditional in style, closeboard fencing is available in a range of heights, offering optimum privacy and invaluable security to most gardens. Common names for this style of fencing include Featheredge, Featherboard or Fence boards - though the product is identical no matter what term is used. This style of panel is formed by vertical featheredge boards which partially overlap each other and fix to the rear horizontal supporting wooden cant rails.

Vertical tongue and groove fencing comes in many variations, offering either a period style decorative flair or a more minimal, contemporary simplicity. A quality and classy style of fencing providing optimum privacy and protection.

Low-Level Criss Cross Fencing

Beautifully designed for gardens and homeowners which demand and prefer transparency over privacy.

It's semi-opaque structure allows a garden to benefit from the beauty of the surrounding area.

Palisade Fencing

Traditional wood palisade fencing comes in many styles and sizes.

Typically low level fencing, the palisade family is generally most popular as rounded top, pointed top, concave and convex.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is formed from a blend of plastic and real, generally recycled wood.

The wood element and composition creates an authentic appearance, while the plastic provides the man-made resilience enabling composite fencing to stand the test of time with ease.


We supply and fit all types of fencing for outdoor spaces which aren't domestic gardens. Here are some examples of these.

Agricultural & Equestrian Fencing

Agricultural fencing has many possible purposes; primarily confining animals to their designated fields as well as demarking the curtlage of land ownership and discouraging us humans from trespass.

The exact type of fencing that is needed will depend on a number of factors, not least the type of livestock involved and broader security concerns.

Equestrian fencing is safe and secure fencing for horse paddocks, fields, and livery stables. Styles vary to suit particular needs, though the most common are constructed from post and rail or wire.

Acoustic Fencing

Acoustic fencing is a specialist product intricately designed to shield an area of land from neighbouring places emitting high levels of noise.

Locations requiring this type of fencing typically include gardens or other outoor spaces positioned adjacent to roads, railways and other public areas.

Demarcation Knee Rail Fencing

Fencing designed to outline a footpath, bridleway, other public rights of way and roads.

Typically low-level and symbolic in nature, rather than providing a physical barrier to prevent access, this type of fencing comes in many forms, shapes and sizes to cater for a wide range of circumstances.

Playground Fencing

Security and safety in schools and other areas where children play is clearly a non-negotiable objective.

A key part of achieving that objective is the installation of the right fencing.

Chain Link Fencing

A popular and versatile fencing solution with a proven track record primarily for  commercial and recreational grounds.

Chain link fencing can form a simple but effective boundary marker, either temporarily or as a permanent secure fence.


A gate is more than just a door to a garden. It provides both privacy and security.

A garden gate also represents a passage from the outside world, and, much like a home's front door, is a representation of the style of the home that lies within.


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