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We build garden walls, retaining walls for garden terracing and rock and stone gabion baskets in gardens and other outdoor spaces in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

We provide free quotes with no obligation for the building of garden walls, retaining walls for garden terracing and rock and stone gabion baskets.


Walls are a timeless garden feature which can create a sense of order, mystery or protection. Very few gardens would not benefit from the construction of beautiful walls, either as part of its boundary or to retain terraced areas of land within the garden.

When a garden wall is built well, using the right materials and for the right reasons, it not only serves the practical purpose it was designed to, but also becomes a major part of the garden's style and aethetic. There are many different ways to build a garden wall. Regardless of the style of the garden in mind, there is a wall style which will suit.

Tall garden walls, generally at least six feet tall, are typically constructed in a garden to create a greater sense of privacy. Even taller walls provide the same privacy with the added benefits of extra security and noise reduction.

Low-level walls which are designed and built to partition and separate areas of a garden or general aesthetic divisions between any two zones. They offer little in the way of privacy, security or any other practical benefit; although they can be multi-functional such as providing seating or small pet enclosing.

Finally, a low wall can be used as the base on which trellis or metal fencing can be placed. Garden walls, and of course walls for terrace purposes,  would ideally be designed, planned and built as part of a broader landscaping project - but can be applied to a garden at any stage of its life.


Here are some great examples of the wide range of garden wall styles for inspiration.

Concrete Walls

There are essentially three types of concrete block walls to use in gardens, each offering variations of style, texture, and appearance. Poured concrete is a ideally used for walls which are curved because the concrete can be formed into any shape; it can also be coloured and textured in a variety of ways.

Interlocking wall blocks are most commonly used for low-level retaining walls. They are essentially the same as the standard blocks used for concrete masonry units but they are prefabricated with an ornate face and are built to be interlocked together for optimum stability.

Stone Walls

Natural stone walls are a stylish, traditional choice, albeit they are towards the more expensive end of the price scale for garden walls.

Stone can be stacked with or without mortar; with smaller stones being the most suitable option for dry-stacking low-level walls and, say, granite slabs are ideal for being mortared together to construct taller walls.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are as popular as ever due to their simplicity, longevity and timelessness.

That said, some brick walls look better than others. As well as the obvious quality of the build, it essentially comes down to the choice of brick.

Terraced Retaining Walls

Walls built to terrace a garden can be constructed to create more usable space in a garden, to tame the natural slope of a garden, to build raised garden areas and generally create a sense of variety and adventure to the landscape in a garden.

A series of levelled terrace tiers is significantly more useful and aesthetically pleasing than a single, inpenetrable steep slope. In fact in most such instances, terracing is the only solution by which sloped land can be made useful and available for gardening and landscaping.


Gabions are metal cages or baskets filled with rocks or stone which, when linked together, serve as retaining structures with a unique appearance.

Gabions offer a number of recognised benefits over alternative retaining options including their high tolerance of atmospheric corrosion, flexibility, permeability, strength and aesthetic uniqueness. 


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