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We design and professionally construct standard and bespoke dog kennels in gardens and other grounds in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

We provide free quotes with no obligation for the design and installation of dog kennels.


The purpose of any kennel irrespective of its size or whether it’s designed to be permanent or temporary is to provide a home to a dog or dogs for a finite period of time. The size of a kennel should reflect its purpose as an outside home for a dog, or number of dogs - it needs to be large enough to allow separate sleeping and activity areas. It's really important that dogs can play, stretch, lie down, walk and ideally run a little inside a kennel.

There are many advantages to housing an outdoor dog kennel in a garden. Importantly, it can help prevent dogs from causing damage to a garden, either with their paws of with their jaws. If a dog becomes familiar with living or being outside for extended periods of time, they begin to become accustomed to associating it with their toilet.

When a dog is outside, they typically expend more energy; both physically and mentally. Outdoor kennels provide a source of visual stimulation and help reduce a dog's excess energy.


A dog kept outside needs a kennel with a large enough space to allows separate sleeping and activity areas. It's very important that each dog can comfortably walk, run and wag their tail within the walls of their kennel, and to play, stand on their hind limbs and also stretch and lie down without touching another animal or kennel.

Kennel Shelter & Protection

Effective shelter and protection from rain, wind and direct sunlight is a crucial requirement of an outdoor dog kennel. Dogs should be able to move to a space in a kennel where they feel most comfortable, whether that be in direct sunlight or in shade.

Kennel Temperature And Ventilation

An outdoor dog kennel should be insulated appropriately in to keep dogs suitably warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Automatic heating and/or cooling and natural ventilation may also be necessary in a kennel to sustain acceptable temperatures.

Permanent Kennels

Permanent kennels should always be constructed with superior materials e.g. heavy duty meshing, gates and timber.  Luxury sized kennels designed to be a permanent home are large enough to accommodate separate sleeping quarters.

Kennel Placement

The placement of a permanent kennel in a garden is one of the most important considerations. Specific considerations include whether to position a kennel close to or further away from the house. Too close and the barking may be intrusive.

Other factors to consider include the pros and cons of locating a kennel under trees and identifying an area which is sheltered from winds as much as possible. Often the best place to position a kennel is adjacent to a building wall, such as a garage.


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