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We professionally and effectively clean hard surfaces in gardens and other grounds in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

We provide free quotes with no obligation for pressure washing and cleaning, and can provide this service as a one-off or part of ongoing garden maintenance.


We provide professional pressure washing and cleaning for driveways, patios, paths, walls, fences, furniture and buildings.


High-pressure water spraying and cleaning, with suitable solutions where required, can remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and all manner of general dirt from most surfaces and structures in a garden.

Pressure washing and cleaning is a cost effective way to breathe a new lease of life into a garden or any other surface.

Patio Cleaning

It's only to expected that, over time, a patio will accumulate a whole host of moss, dirt, algae and other grime.

Professional pressure washing and cleaning can restore a patio's appearance and safety.

Driveway Cleaning

A typical driveway accumulates oil, mud and and general dirt over time, forming a type of film on the surface.

Professionally cleaning a dirty driveway will not only make it and the home beyond look better, it will also extend it's life expectancy.

Path Cleaning

By their very nature, paths need to be kept free from contaminents and slime which make them slippery.

While safety is clearly of paramount importance, the appearance of a path is naturally something most homeowners want to maintain.

Wall Cleaning

Pressure washing can help revitalise the appearance of both garden walls and building walls of all types, including granite, stone, brickwork and concrete.

Pressurised washing and other forms of cleaning provide a reliable way to remove moss, weeds and algae from a wall.

Decking Cleaning

Keeping wood, composite and PVC decking clean will help its appearance, durability, safety and hygeine.

That said, applying pressure to decking, especially wood, can cause unintended damage and professional care must be taken to apply the right solution and the right way.

Roof Cleaning

A roof should be kept in top condition to help its longevity, prevent infestations and make energy savings.

Fence Cleaning

Fences of all types benefit from being professionally pressure washed. The main benefits include enhancing durability, appearance and hygeine.

Furniture Cleaning

Garden furniture comes in many materials and sizes; all of which would benefit from a pressure wash to improve their appearance and hygeine.

Playground Cleaning

Clearly, surfaces on which children play should be kept clean, safe and hygenic. Whatever the surface, pressure washing is the ideal solution.

Pavement Cleaning

Regardless of the type of surface of a pavement, pressure washing can make a radical difference to the presentation of a building.

Car Park Cleaning

More than most hard surfaces, car parks get dirty. It accumlates gradually and can be difficult to notice. Pressure washing will make a significant difference.


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