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We supply and professionally install a wide range of garden buildings, structures and storage of all shapes, materials and sizes in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

The lifestyle of each garden owner make the needs of each one different, but making the most of the available space in an attractive or inconspicuous way is the key to any garden. 

We can discuss your requirements, vision and budget and work together to design a solution, or range of solutions, that will serve you and your garden perfectly.


Here are some examples of the garden buildings, rooms and storage solutions we supply and install.

Icon representing garden rooms
Garden Rooms

Exciting solutions for increasing living space

Icon representing summerhouses

Versatile and invaluable outdoor living space

Icon representing barbecue shelters
Barbecue Shelters

Practical and stylish protection for barbecues

Icon representing dog kennels
Dog Kennels

Creating the perfect outdoor home for dogs

Icon representing greenhouses

Constructing a protected growing environment

Icon representing garden sheds
Garden Sheds

The perfect storage solution for any garden

Icon representing bin stores
Bin Stores

Creating a stylish home for garden eye-sores

Icon representing log stores
Log Stores

Functional and stylish storage for firewood 

Icon representing bike storage
Bike Storage

Storage solutions to keep bikes safe and protected

Icon representing garages and car ports
Garages & Car Ports

Effective & stylish protection for vehicles

Icon representing pergolas

Contemporary & traditional garden structures

Icon representing gazebos

The perfect place to dine and relax outdoors


There are many ways to make a garden more pleasurable, and Summerhouses are up there with the best of those.

We supply and construct summerhouses of all shapes and sizes.

Garden Rooms

The modern day trend of optimising all available space within the boundaries of a home and its garden is encouraging homeowners to view their gardens in a different way.

We supply and construct garden rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Barbecue Shelters

Barbecue shelters can be a particularly useful addition to a garden housing a barbecue.

We supply and construct barbecue shelters of all shapes and sizes.

Dog Kennels

Outdoor dog kennels come in a large variety of forms and styles.

We supply and construct dog kennels of all shapes and sizes.


There’s a lot to think about when designing, buying and positioning a greenhouse.

We supply and construct greenhouses of all shapes and sizes.

Garden Sheds

A garden shed is a wonderful addition to any garden. 

We supply and construct garden sheds of all shapes and sizes.

Bin Stores

Wheelie and recycling bin stores are a practical and stylish way of concealing fixtures in our gardens which should be used but rarely seen.

We supply and construct bin stores of all shapes and sizes.

Log Stores

Our log stores can be bought from available pre-designed stock, or designed from scratch to suit your exact requirements.

We supply and construct log stores of all shapes and sizes.

Bike Storage

Bikes will be safer and protected from the elements with a suitable storage solution.

We supply and construct bike stores of all shapes and sizes.

Timber Garages & Car Ports

Solid, timber garages are robust and extremely durable structures.

We supply and construct garages and car ports of all shapes and sizes.


Gazebos are versatile, fully or partially open-sided structures which are typically used in gardens as a shelter for dining, socialising and relaxing.

We supply and construct gazebos of all shapes and sizes.


A pergola is an open structure, usually used to link different parts of the garden or as a focal point. 

We supply and construct pergolas of all shapes and sizes.

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