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We design and install traditional and contemporary garden paths and steps in gardens in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

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A well-designed garden path makes the journey through a garden a pleasant experience and showcases its natural beauty. The destination of a path can be rewarding in many different ways; leading to a place to relax, an area of colourful beauty or a space to have fun.

Paths can take many forms and be created with an endless array of natural and man-made materials. The perfect choice of style and materials will depend on the style of your home and garden, both now and how you are looking to transform it.

Deciding upon the best option can be a difficult choice. Budget is a key consideration, as well as forming a vision of the style of garden you are trying to create. You can then choose a surface that will enhance the surroundings of your garden.

Icon representing visual impact
The VISUAL IMPACT you would like to create
Icon representing home style
The STYLE OF HOME which owns the garden
Icon representing garden design
The GARDEN DESIGN surrounding the path
Icon representing durability
The DURABILITY of the chosen material
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The level of MAINTENANCE you are prepared to invest
Icon representing permeability
The PERMEABILITY of the surface installed
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If any PETS are going to use the path
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If any CHILDREN are going to use the path
Icon representing budget
The BUDGET you have available
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The DESTINATION of the path
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If there any disabled ACCESSIBILITY needs for friends or family
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The required SLIP RESISTANCE of the material


Paths can create visions of enchanting gardens and charming cottages, even in a suburban home. Whether a path is meandering through a garden or leading to the front door, they are a vital part of a home's aura.

Here are some examples of garden paths and steps to help inspire how you want the journey around your home to feel.

Gravel & Pebble Path

Gravel and/or pebble paths are one of the more popular and cost effective styles.

Natural Stone Path

Stone paths create a natural and sophisticated feel to a garden.

Block Paved Path

Block paved paths are popular, durable and flexible in design.

Wooden Step Path

Wooden step paths adds rustic feel to a typical garden path.

Wood Sleeper Path

Wood sleeper paths are a wonderful rustic option for your garden.

Wooden Boardwalk

Wooden boardwalks are a cost-effective and natural path style.

Paver & Pebble Path

Paver and pebble paths are a popular, multi-dimensional option.

Bark & Stone Path

Bark and stone paths are a practical and natural walkway through a garden.

Wood Plank Walkway

Pallet walkways are natural, flexible and cost-effective.

Cobblestone Path

Cobblestone paths vary in style and can look classy and unique.

Traditional Tiled Path

Tiled paths are a perfect approach to any front door.

Slate Chip Path

Slate chip paths are attractive, durable and low-maintenance.

Concrete Path

Concrete paths are simple but effective and durable.

Reclaimed Brick Path

Brick paths are very flexible in design and cost-effective.

Flat Pebble Path

Flat surface pebbles, randomly sized and closely spaced for comfortable step patterns.


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Creating a stylish approach to a home

Icon representing resin surfacing
Resin Surfacing

A versatile and stylish garden surface

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Aggregates & Chippings

Cost effective and stylish surface solutions

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