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We professionally and patiently care for lawns of all shapes and sizes in gardens and other grounds in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

We provide free quotes with no obligation for lawn care, and can provide this service as a one-off or part of ongoing garden maintenance.


Lawn treatments may include hydration, top dressing, scarification or reseeding; and in the most extreme of cases, complete replacement with fresh turf or artificial grass (if that suits the circumstances of the owner). Here are some of the care solutions we apply to lawns depending their nature and condition.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing a lawn the lawn is one of the most important responsibilities you have a garden owner. Grass cutting is the key to a thriving and healthy looking lawn.

It isn't just about keeping the grass short and looking presentable, each time the lawn is cut it encourages the grass to grow thicker and more lush. It also prevents weeds from surfacing and over time, making the lawn more durable and resilient. 

Weed Control

It is possible to control weeds organically, without applying weedkillers; but stubborn and deep rooted weeds are very tricky to eliminate altogether.

Whether you would prefer to patiently manage a long term process of managing weeds in your lawn without weedkiller, or the quicker route to success with weedkiller, it is important it is done properly, at the right times and in suitable conditions.

Lawn Hydration

How do you know when your lawn needs watered? One simple check is to push a screwdriver or other similar tool into the surface (about 4" will do) - if it is reasonably clean when you remove it (i.e. with no moist soil attached) you can be sure that your lawn needs to be hydrated.

Hydrating a lawn isn't as simple as pouring lots of water on it though.


Lawn aeration is the treatment of inserting small holes in its surface to encourage air to circulate and pass through its underlying foundations.

Aerating a lawn also allows water and vital nutrients to penetrate the roots of the grass, and in turn, replacing unnecessary carbon dioxide with much needed fresh oxygen.

Disease Control

Lawns can suffer from a multitude of diseases. Their genesis varies as does the treatments they require to be eridicated.

Diseases such as Red Thread, Fusarium, Snow Mould, Fairy Rings and Dry Patch are common in our area. They can look and feel very similar making it tough to diagnose the severity and evolution of the problem.


Scarifying a lawn properly, at the right times of the year, can be very productive. Scarification can help to remove moss or thatch from the grass, and while the initial appearance of the lawn may seem like a major backward step, the medium to long term benefits are hugely rewarding.

Top Dressing

Top dressing a lawn is a crucial part of ongoing lawn treatment which can achieve tremendous results in both appearance and future maintenance. Some of the most common benefits include making the lawn smoother and preventing moss and thatch from evolving into an eye-sore.

Top soiling also helps improve drainage and protection for colder weather over winter.


Overseeding a lawn is a crucial part of maintaining its ongoing health and appearance. All lawns, regardless of their quality, are affected by weather conditions and the way in which they are used throughout the year. Reseeding a lawn will typically help to regenerate bare, thin and and trodden areas into a much thicker, more lush surface.


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Lawn Mowing

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Natural Turf Lawns

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