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We expertly remove invasive ivy from homes and other buildings as well as trees and ground surfaces in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria.

We provide free quotes with no obligation for the removal of ivy and other invasive foliage.


Ivy is a powerful irritant and is poisonous to some living beings and is best removed professionally. There is no doubt that an old stone Lakeland cottage furnished in swathes of green ivy can look delightful and idyllic, but in reality, ivy is an intrusive weed that grows asnd spreads rapidly, smothering and potentially damaging any surface it clings to for purchase.

With professional techniques and patience, ivy can be removed effectively without the application of weed killers that could potentially damage other foliage and surfaces surrounding and beneath its scope.

Ivy on Houses, Buildings & Walls

The stability of houses and other buildings can be damaged by ivy climbing and spreading across their walls. This is generally because ivy roots penetrate and push through cracks and holes in the morter between the bricks.

Established ivy can be very stubborn and tricky to remove as the roots develop and harden over time. Randomly tearing ivy from a building can result in damage to the brick or stone work and the mortar than sits between. Effective and careful disposal of ivy is also key to avoid any cross-contamination and contact with people or pets.

Ivy on Trees & other Vertical Structures

Ivy is prone to wind itself very tightly and aggressively around trees as well as other poles and posts. It acts as a leach on trees to feed off their nutrients to help it thrive, and as it smothers trees, it stops direct sunlight reaching the bark, weakening and eventually killing trees. Similarly, the sheer volume and densty of heavy ivy weighing on tree can create further damage.

Separating all of the root from the rest of the ivy is key to effective removal. Ivy which remains further up a tree's trunk will gradually die.

Ivy on the Ground

Removing ivy from the ground is strenuous and arduous work; which is why we are here to take the burden. 

When ivy growth is particularly dense and sprawling, it may be necessary to  gradually reduce the growth to the point where the roots can be effectively accessed and removed.


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