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We provide garden design and landscaping services to homes in and around Carlisle, Wigton, Brampton, the North Lakes, the Eden Valley and along the Solway Coast, as well as parts of south-west Scotland and east-Northumbria. Other projects further into the Lake District, Scotland and Northumbria are welcomed and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We provide free quotes with no obligation for all garden design and landscaping projects.


A well thought through design and plan is crucial for most material changes to all gardens. Landscaping alterations can range from being relatively minor in scale to major full garden makeover projects. Regardless of the scope and scale, the approach, principles and processes are the pretty much the same - and that applies to large, rolling gardens and small urban yards.

Our obligation is to work with homeowners to understand the objectives of any landscaping project, and consider the most suitable possible within the available budget.

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Creating your dream garden begins with an idea, which is then transformed into a workable design. The best design concepts generally provide both creative and practical solutions; both enjoyable to look at and comfortable to use. We can help you achieve that. Every single garden is unique. Shape, size, direction, aspect, view, purpose, maturity, fertility, owner, maintenance, cost. All important variables which should be considered when designing and planning a garden.

Redesigning a garden is an exciting prospect. But how do you want to change it? It is intended to be somewhere to sit and relax? Entertain family and friends? For children to play? Garden design and landscaping ideas from other gardens are always a great place to start. Taking inspiration from TV shows, garden centres and the homes of friends and family will help envisage how an idea looks in reality.

The many key elements of a garden's layout and structure include its walls, hedges, fences, paths, patios, lawns, water features, beds and borders, lifestyle facilities, designated areas for specific uses (e.g. dining, relaxing, playing, shading, pets), lighting, storage and furniture. It's a lot to consider.

Here are some wonderful ideas and examples of garden styles which we hope will provide inspiration to take the first step towards creating the perfect outdoor space.

Lounge & Dining Gardens

A great way to add an extra 'room' to your home. Typical features include solid surfaces for minimal maintenance and ease of cleanliness, strategic perimiter lighting to create a relaxing ambience and atmosphere and tall walls and fencing to create a sense of privacy and security.

We design and install lounge and dining gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Modern Gardens

Modern garden designs are typically represented by free-flowing spaces, asymmetrical and clinical lines, both vertically and horizontally. Often based on a so-called 'geometric' format and relying largely on scale and proportion to create a sense of drama and style in the absence of flamboyant, decorative ornaments.

Larger than normal sections and slabs of material are often preferred to create a clean, minimal and sleek feel to surfaces.

Use of foliage tends to be limited and strategic in its placement, generally using tall specimen trees, formal hedging, small lawns (often with artificial grass). Reflective water features are sometimes favoured in smaller modern gardens to create a greater sense of expanse and light.

We design and install modern gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Tiered Gardens

Multi-level gardens by choice (man-made) or default (by the natural lay of the land). Such compartmentalisation and natural zoning of a garden's space provides wonderfully exciting opprtunities and potential. Gardens on a single level are of course easier to manage, but presenting a garden's beauty over several well-designed levels can make a huge visual impact.

We design and install tiered gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Decked Gardens

Decked gardens are typically designed to create a low-maintenance, hard-wearing space in which to relax, dine and socialise. Softened by surrounding foliage, providing colour to an otherwise monotone landscape.

We design and install decked gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Small Gardens

You don’t need a sprawling mass of land to create a beautiful, unique garden you can enjoy and be proud of. Small gardens demand a level of spacial creativity and resourcefulness which will feel all the more satisfying to use and call your own. 

We design and install small gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Patio Gardens

A patio garden is a hard landscape generally designed to be used as a solid base for garden furniture while creating a low or zero-maintenance garden.

A quality patio surface sets the tone for and dominates the entire garden, and it is very important to consider its style in relation to the architecture of its house. There are a huge range of options for patio styles, sizes, materials, shapes and finishes. 

We design and install patio gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Raised Bed Gardens

Gardens dominated with raised beds (also called garden boxes) are traditionally designed to grow plots of vegetables, but just as commonly now to showcase a range of decorative plants and flowers.

While it's possible to raise small, select areas of a garden to break the monotony of a single level surface and create an attractive focal point, some people choose to install raised beds as dominant feature for more practical and productive reasons.

We design and install raised bed gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Child-Friendly Gardens

A child friendly garden means different things to different families. Creating a version of a child-friendly garden can involve a complete redesign to realign its focus on children.

There is no definitive specification for a child-friendly garden, but it's important to consider the ages and abilities of the children, the kind of enjoyment intended to be gained, the size of garden and the preferred style of appearance. 

We design and install child-friendly gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Urban Yards

Small outdoor spaces are commonplace in Carlisle and the rest of our operating area. Wonderful things can be achieved with compact spaces, bringing colour and a sense of nature to an otherwise monotone and blank canvas.

We design and install makeovers for urban yards of all shapes and sizes.

Low Maintenance Gardens

Beautiful but low maintenance gardens are perfect for many people, either through necessity, preference or (let's be honest) laziness.

We design and install low maintenance gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Lawned Gardens

The best size and shape for a lawn is determined by a number of factors, including its intended use, the landscape on which it sits, its appearance and the appetite of its owner to undertake ongoing  maintenance.

We design and install lawned gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Front Gardens

Front gardens play an important role in the overall appeal of a home. Designed and implemented well, they can breathe fresh life into a home and inspire what follows inside. Generally speaking, the key to a front garden is to keep things simple, ensuring plants and other features work in harmony together.

We design and install front gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are designed to manage and make use of rainfall and the rainwater which runs from the hard surfaces of a garden.

Rain is an all too common feature of our climate here in the north; so making the most of what it delivers to the benefit, and not the detriment, of a garden can be a shrewd strategy. 

Oriental Gardens

Oriental style gardens are essentially focussed on the arrangement of rock, water and gravel alongside carefully chosen shrubs and trees.

One of those styles may be perfect for your garden, but the right blend of a few can work wonderfully.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are typically used as a canvas to showcase small plants, often alpine in variety. Designing areas within a garden to cluster rocks and plants is key.

An entire garden needn't be dedicated to a rock style; even a single corner or section can be sufficient.

Vegetable Gardens

Designing and planning a new vegetable garden can be a gradual process. It’s very tempting to try to grow as many vegetables as possible during the first year.

That said, installing the necessary raised beds in a suitable format from the outset is advisable.

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